1/2 leftover chicken breast, 1 thin slice provolone cheese on a warmed pita bread.

5 carrot sticks; 1/2 Yogurt cup with 2 TBSP crushed Almonds (the only way my son will eat any kind of nuts, is if he doesn’t know they’re there); 1/2 Hard boiled Egg.

Approx: 235 Calories; 20.82g Carbs; 44g Protein.


Morning Snack

1 Oscar Meyer turkey (lunch meat) slice; 1 THIN Provolone slice;1 Lettuce Leaf

Wrap meat and cheese in lettuce. Eat it just like that.

Vanilla Yogurt Cup

4 slices cheddar cheese (from a small brick)

Approx: 264 Calories; 9g Carbs; 35g Protein


ALWAYS eat FIVE meals a day; try to keep the calorie count around 300 for each of the five.

DO NOT skip between meal snacks, and make sure each of the five have loads of protein.

We’re finding that having protein in your system stops the brain from ‘craving’ I also learned that if you eat a Citrus fruit in the same meal with high protein, it makes the protein more efficient.

January 11, 2013

The results are in for the first full week. My son lost 9 pounds. All I did was make sure any meat i used was very lean, add tons of fruit and veggies to EVERY meal, make all portions small, but use a huge variety on our plates (ie…half a HALO orange, and banana slices with a few blueberries and a slice of kiwi instead of one piece of fruit), my boys don’t like raw veggies so I make a salad using iceberg lettuce (not so good for you) but I FINELY chop up romaine lettuce and spinach in it. Separately chop up mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and boiled eggs. Let them choose what veggies they want to add to their lettuce mix, add a little bit of shredded cheese, and no more than 2 TBSP of their favorite salad dressing. I figure if they add their own veggies, they’ll learn how to mask the taste of things they don’t like and they’ll eat it anyhow.

Last night I marinaded chicken tenders (fresh, not breaded/frozen) in some pretty heavy spices, then pan fried them in olive oil (about 4 OZ per person). Added the salad named above, and some fruit. Satisfying! Right now, I’m dunking a granny smith apple in lightly salted avocado¬†¬†Strange, but tasty and healthy.