I have pulled my son from all public school entities. We tried a Charter School, went to an online school (he attended for 3 years), then when Common Core hit, we switched to a different online school that promised CC in minimal fashion. They lied. The second online school was MUCH worse than the first one, making me regret taking him out of the first one for a moment. That regret quickly passed when I went back and spoke with his first ‘teacher’ and she advised me to follow the path I decided to take (to completely home school) because CC was being implemented piece-meal in every subject.

So here we are.: in the UNschooling phase, where we do minimal book work and lots of hands on, hanging with mom, whatever comes naturally type stuff.

Walking and talking (PE, communications), looking at plants and animals (science).

3 days a week of online Algebra (

Coking, baking and entertaining (science, math and Home Ec)

Watching tons of shows on the History and Discovery channels (history)

Watching classic movies; A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, and White Christmas (Literature)

Cleaning and decorating for Christmas (Home Ec)

We decided to do this right before Thankgiving, and e’ll go until after Christmas break.

The decision was made because when i took him out of the online schools, and immediately started teaching other methods, I realized that 1) I wasn’t prepared, so I was constantly jumping from this lesson plan to that, and causing undue stress. and 2) i took him from a classroom setting to another classroom setting. Exactly what I didn’t want to do, which caused me to stress.

Now, we’re through the holidays and He can have the next week to sink himself into his XBOX, and I can use the time to create the rest of the years curriculum, and lesson plans!

A Setback

We weighed in last night. My son has gained back some of his lost weight 😦

Several things that we did wrong last week include going to a Car Show/Street Fair, and allowing a pizza night. I also followed a recipe for a ‘no dough pizza’ one night.

At the street fair I allowed hubby and child to visit our favorite hot dog vendor. BIG, BIG, BIG mistake! Then I just had to get an order of those amazing ‘real potato’ shoestring, curly fries.  A HUGE order (one size fits all) that we all shared. And a soda.

Can you imagine the calories and carbs? Can you imagine how icky we all felt for a few days after all that? Our systems didn’t take long to adjust to low carbs, high proteins, and small meals 5 times a day. Even now (Tuesday) my son and I still feel a bit lethargic, and just an overall feeling of …..blob…?

The self disappointment I watched come across my sons face at our weigh in just about did me in. How heartbreaking to see his eyes go wide, and his excited smile turn into a deep frown. And the tears.  My daughter and I did what we could to console him, to make sure he realizes he is very young, and his set backs are not suffered alone. No one can beat me up as well as I can. And trust me, I beat myself up every step of the way!! This is my fault. Let’s not forget that or minimize it. The more I have to face that truth, the more apt I am to stick to a regimen. So back to our regularly scheduled diet 🙂


Breakfast today was 2 scrambled eggs with about 3 ounces of cubed ham and a tiny bit of shredded cheddar cheese; a very small fruit salad (banana, strawberry and blueberry); 1/4 of a slice of Pita and half a glass of 2% milk (i will be switching to full-fat dairy once this 2% is gone)

Approx: Calories 400, Carbs 23g, Sugars 26g, Protein 34.9g.

Lunch 2 Turkey, provolone, lettuce wraps, 3 celery sticks with peanut butter, 1/3 banana, 1/2 glass of milk.

Approx: Calories 359, Carbs 35g, Sugars 22g, Protein 60.3g